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World of Tanks Review

  • Share – Sharing my experience about war game with World of Tanks. This Game is one of Action MMO Genre. The tanks have something special, something that makes people exclaim “WAW”. Even if you’ve never seen a tank in reality just thinking that you could drive a huge metal beast, you could blow things up and crush everything under the tracks fills you with adrenaline. 

If you’ve ever had such a dream then the latest and greatest game released by, World of Tanks, is exactly what you need to play.

World of Tank

The idea of ​​the game is very simple. There are about 160 tanks from 6 nations divided into thirds. You start with a tier 1 tank from each nation and advance by gaining experience and money in short 15 vs. 15 fights. 

There are several tech lines to choose from, each matching a certain type of player. You can choose fast and fragile light tanks, with which you help your team by researching the map or the stronger but still agile medium tanks, perfect for clever maneuvers of flanking or ambush. 

Heavy tanks are huge monsters protected by thick armor, their role being to lead assaults and withstand intense fire from enemies.

There are also tank destroyers, armed with large caliber cannons, well hidden in bushes or in the forest, targeting anything that appears in their range. 

The last ones are self-propelled guns, which, if used properly, can make a difference on the battlefield due to the enormous damage they do and the large firing range.

The vast majority of vehicles are historically correct, at least when it comes to appearance. Some technical parameters had to be changed to maintain a balance between the tanks, which is a good thing if we sit and think because it allowed the introduction of more prototypes, ultimately diversifying the game experience. 

The period of time from which the tanks originate begins with the First World War and ends in the mid-1950s. It is interesting to see how far after the Korean War the developers will go in order to possibly introduce other tanks.

The game is far from a simulator so fans will definitely be disappointed. The control is very simple. Use more than enough WASD system combined with two special modes, sniper and artillery. Simply point the climb at an enemy, click and explode. Very simple and very effective.

The graphics are of very good quality and if your computer allows you then you will enjoy a world with very detailed objects, buildings and landscapes. 

The tanks do not shine and do not look new so the feeling of reality is quite well represented in the game and in the garage.

I can only believe the developers when it comes to sounds because I’ve never heard a tank in reality and I have no idea how it should sound. 

All I can say is that the screams of the engines and the roar of the shells seem very real and very well imprinted.

This was a short description of a very complicated game. It’s not complicated to play, but, as the cliché says (easy to play, hard to master), it’s hard to become an expert. 

The game has more layers and the more you advance and develop a new perspective on the game you discover new and new layers. 

It goes from an occasional game to a hardcore one in a very short time and if you don’t adapt quickly to the new conditions then the game experience changes quickly from enthusiasm to frustration.

Let’s take it from the beginning and see how the game itself evolves and you as a player over time.

You start, as I said before, with a German, Russian, American, English, French or Chinese tier 1 tank. These tanks don’t look too good, but you’re happy because they are tanks. 

At the top of the screen is a large red button that says “Start Battle”. One click and you find yourself on a waiting list along with several hundred other players. 

The machmaking system arranges those on the list according to the tier and in a few seconds you enter a 15 vs 15 battle, with a maximum duration of 15 minutes. Your goal? Kill all the enemies or conquer their base. I remember the first impression I had when I finished loading the map. WAW. That’s my tank

How? How did he manage to kill me? I waited for the fight to end and started again. I was a little confused. Ok, I can kill them easily but it looks like they can do the same. 

Hmm. I have to play better, I have to think more or this game will lose its fun. After a few games I managed to research and buy a tier 2 tank. Click on “Start Battle” again. Again, Himmerlsdorf. I walk cautiously towards the square in the middle of the city, I hide behind some bricks and I wait. 

Soon a poor tier 1 appears in front of me, turning the turret in all directions, unaware of the beast lurking anxiously. Click. Bang. Click click click. He’s dead. Haha. I am good. I’m too good for this game. Heh not by far, but I didn’t know that yet.

Maybe I exaggerated a bit in the above lines but that’s how I remember the first day I played World Of Tanks. It was fun after fun and learning after learning. The game is packed in small doses of adrenaline so it causes addiction quite quickly. 

You want to play more and more and discover new and new things every time. You learn from mistakes and start to catch on to the intricacies of the game, how to position your tank, how to shoot the enemy, how much damage you can do and how to coordinate with the rest of the team. 

Short battles and the possibility to get out of the battle after your tank is destroyed and then to start with another tank means that you will not encounter unnecessary breaks and that all the available time will be used to play.

If you fail miserably in a battle, simply move on to the next, thus having an infinity of “second chances” through which I can improve you and you can perform better. 

It’s not all up to you and if something happens you can always blame one of the other 14 teammates. And because the battles are so short, a series of defeats is very easily forgotten after a match in which you play very well.

But this is only the first part of the game, in which you are still learning and in which you realize which style of game suits you best. Soon you will not play blindly but you will try to play more strategically, to advance only on the desired line and to choose objectives, such as a tier 5 or 6 tank that you want to reach.

This part is still nice, because the economy of the game is made in such a way that you do not have problems with money or experience. So far the game seems to be made for casual players but you will discover in the future that it still has its role in the evolution of the game.

At tier 5-6 the roles are already well defined. Heavy tanks must push, light ones must be in constant motion, destroyers must be hidden. Then you discover a new layer of the game, namely tactics. 

Learn the maps, find good places to ambush, the usual routes of attack and especially the vulnerable parts of the tanks. The game takes you to a new level and if you get stuck in the occasional mode then the whole game experience will consist of a continuous series of frustrating losses.

At tier 7-8 things change. Everyone thinks he’s a pro if he has an IS-3 or Tiger II. You know your tanks, you know the other tanks, you count the seconds in your head until you reload the enemies, you know where to shoot and you know which part of the tank to hide. 

You will soon become a little frustrated by the obvious mistakes of your teammates and the losses that arise from them. In addition, the whole economy is changing drastically. 

So far the game seems exceptional and at the beginning of the transition period between the lands the pleasure of playing will know some ups and downs. From now on, the grind part begins.

World of Tanks is a free to play MMO that has several payable options. You can buy gold with real money and you can activate your premium account, which will bring you 50% more experience and money. 

You can also buy premium tanks. They cost less to repair and recharge, resulting in a higher net profit than a normal tank. The downside is that you can’t evolve with this tank but anyway they are only used to improve the crew and to make money.

Many will say that these tanks are not the best from a technical point of view, but the game experience teaches you that it is usually the premium tanks that usually end the game in life. 

Also, if you arm him with premium shells, he definitely becomes a formidable force on the battlefield. The question is whether it is worth buying.

Premium tier 8 tanks cost up to 45 euros. 45 euros is a big amount, especially when you think that a game just released on the market costs around 50. So you have to balance, a tank in a free to play game or a completely new game. For those who are passionate about World Of Tanks, the choice is very simple.

About premium accounts. has to make some money so no one will criticize them for introducing payable options into the game. 

The problem is if the game was designed in such a way as to make you buy a premium account to reach the big tier. A tier 8 tank brings you about 35k credits for a victory (55k with premium). Ammunition costs you about 20k. 

If the tank is destroyed you have to add another 10k. If you lose you have to pay the 20k + 10k while you win about 20k (30k with premium). So if we consider a win / loss rate of 55% you will have an average profit of about 6k credits (20k with premium).

A tier 9 tank costs around 3.5kk so you need 600 matches without premium or 175 with premium to buy it, without selling the former tank. There is a huge difference between 175 and 600 and we are only talking about a tank. 

However, this does not stop you from reaching tier 9 but only slows you down. There is a solution. You play with a 4-5-6 tier and raise money for bigger tanks. That’s a good thing.

Many free to play games limit unpaid accounts to a certain level or limit their inventory, do not give them access to some options, etc. World of Tanks doesn’t do that and it’s appreciated. 

It doesn’t limit you to anything, it just slows you down. If we think from another perspective, each battle not only brings you experience and money in the game but also a small improvement in the way and style of play.

Theoretically, if you reach tier 10 without a premium you will be a much better player than another who used real money to advance because you have many more active matches and therefore much more experience. 

That, only theoretically. In conclusion, World Of Tanks is a very pleasant game up to tier 5 or 6, good for both casual and hardcore players.

After this level, things become more serious and you either accept the beam or put your hand in your pocket and pay a premium account. 

The CEO of said that it is normal to pay with real money to reach the high levels of the game faster and I totally agree with him. Someone has to pay for such a great game, right?

Let’s say you got to tier 10. What’s next? Another tier 10. Okay, but after that? Well there is something after tier 10 and it’s called Clan Wars. Another layer of World Of Tanks that you discover as you advance in the game.

Clan Wars takes you from random matches and transposes you into a new situation, in a new game, much more perfectionist, reserved only for the best. Of course, you will still spend most of your time in normal matches, but from time to time you will have the opportunity to fight on the global map.

This map is flattened in regions that you can conquer. Each region brings you gold and must be defended periodically against enemy clans. These fights are far more difficult than anything you’ve seen so far in random matches. 

You need a very well coordinated team, with talented players, with a leader capable of designing a successful tactic, to always be aware of what is happening on the map, why both his players and the opposing team are capable.

Clan Wars are reserved for the best, but anyone can hope that one day he will be part of a well-organized clan and that he will take part in such battles.

Another feature of the game that is worth mentioning is the permissibility of the developer when it comes to modding. In the game directory there is a folder made especially for modes. 

You don’t have to break the game or replace files, you just have to copy them to that directory and World Of Tanks knows what to do with them.

This allowed the community to express their creativity through various skins, new ways of arranging the interface, new mules or more detailed mini-maps. For example, I installed a motorcycle skin on my T-50. He even had a dog attached. 

It was a bit difficult to play with that motorcycle but it’s good that this was possible. Some players have complained about the lack of customization of your profile but the game is not meant to be an RPG so these options are quite useless.

World of Tanks abounds in specials. These specials are 2-3 day events that bring you more money or experience on certain tanks. It reduces a lot of laughter if you are lucky enough to have those tanks or if you schedule your evolution so that it synchronizes with such events. 

There is for example the “Tank of the Moon” which, again, if you are lucky will bring you 50% more for the whole current month. There are also photo contests, videos, screenshots, welcome options in a game focused on a lot of grind, diversifying and coloring the time spent ingame.

To keep a community of gamers happy you have to constantly come up with new improvements. World Of Tanks has changed a lot since its launch. You have new tanks, new maps, new game modes as well as improved graphics. 

One of the most important updates was 8.0. It radically changed the face of the game. After 8.0. almost anything on the map can be destroyed, you can enter the water, you can jump off rocks, you can push the destroyed tanks. 

A big improvement if you ask me but also a return to normalcy because all these options should have been standard for a game after 2010. All the update was very welcome and radically changed the game.

I know that so far I have praised World Of Tanks but that’s probably because I’m still an active player and because, after two years, it still captivates me. 

However, the game also has a disadvantage. My friend hates Wold of Tanks. I hate it because this game absorbs you, because it’s noisy, because it captures all my attention and because it keeps me glued to the computer for many hours. 

These should be the attributes of a great game and World of Tanks has them all. It must bring you to that state which seizes all your senses and in which you pay attention only to the monitor in front of you. If this feeling of grabbing doesn’t go away over time then you can be sure that what you are playing is a truly wonderful game.

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