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Tips playing the epic seven game

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Welcome back to I’m going to talk about Tips playing the epic seven game very efficiently. Before talk about tips to play, here about some information about epic seven game.

Release DateAugust 30, 2018
PublisherSmilegate Megaport
GenreRole-playing game
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
Installs5,000,000+ Based on February 06, 2021
Content RatingRated for 12+
Requires Android5.0 and up
Tips playing the epic seven game

Ok, now we talk about tips playing the epic seven game.

# Tips 1 – Choosing Best Heroes from Summoning

After clearing stage 1-4, you will be given 30 times to summons heroes. Choose heroes with minimum 4 stars, usually in the first opportunity you will get 2 heroes with 4 stars. Be careful, don’t be fooled by a five-star, it could be an artifact. You need focus get heroes first than artifacts.

# Tips 2 – Reroll to get best heroes

After summon 30 times and you don’t get the heroes which you want, you can reroll the game with reset game, then try restarting the game from the beginning and summoning the heroes again.
Find main menu to reroll epic seven games by clicking menu > Account Settings > Reset. Then create a new account.

# Tips 3 – Placement of Heroes

After summoning heroes, place them in the existing slots. You can bring 4 heroes in battle and add 1 support from npc. Choose heroes with four stars or more. Formations are very helpful in combat. I always bring healer, defense, attacker and mage.

# Tips 4 – Know your enemy’s weakness

Characters have elements such as fire, ice, earth, wood, darkness and light. From the elements you can easily defeat your enemy. For example, fire defeated by ice, ice defeated by earth, earth defeated by fire, darkness defeated by light or light defeated by darkness.

# Tips 5 – Use artifacts to enhance character effects

Use artifacts to increase character stats and skills. You can obtain artifacts when summoning a character.

# Tips 6 – Get more power with choose the best supporters

You can choose the best supporters from npc. Then don’t forget to add them to be your friends. If they ask for your help, you will get friendship points that can be exchanged at the shop.

# Tips 7 – Find Gold and Best Equipment

Empower your heroes with the best equipment. You can find it by looting in the Exploration Stage or Labyrinth Stage. 

Type of equipment as similar RPG games. Usually starting from normal grade, unique, rare, legends and made using colors such as gray, green, blue, purple, red or gold.

# Tips 8 – Enhance & Awakening Your Heroes

To level up a hero you can enhance using materials such as penguins. Meanwhile, to do awakening, you need runes that you can get from the altar spirit.

In my opinion, Epic Seven Games requires strategy in every battle because this game is a turn-based system. You have to prepare your hero before fighting with healing and choose the strongest character.

I really like Epic Seven because it uses anime characters and their effects when casting skills in combat. That’s my experience playing this game and sharing tips about playing the epic seven game.

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