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Smart Gameplay PUBG Mobile

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We are going to talk about smart gameplay PUBG, this is a smart gameplay guide for pubg mobile and we want to see the best practices of habits that you can apply in your own action game to turn you into a better player. Win more chicken dinners win more gunfights and generally enjoy the game more.

Smart Gameplay PUBG Mobile

Smart Gameplay PUBG

Today I’m going to show you Smart Gameplay PUBG and a few situations and some little things that might make you think differently about the focus and approach you are taking to these difficult times. The result is never in doubt now what I will do is take the tendency of most of the players to be too aggressive. 

Most of the universal players whether they were too aggressive or too passive were there snakes in the grass or just literally the ball running down the corridors without doing anything sensible. 
I will expect him to push when I go inside to bring my teammates back to life. So I’m waiting I’m just waiting here and he’s very easy to start right away without a vest without any helmet. It’s so easy to kill with a tommy gun and then I go and bring my now teammates back to life. 
There are two things going on Smart Gameplay PUBG. It’s clear I’ve been playing since the first season, there are a lot of things that are ingrained in my gameplay and the reason it’s ingrained is because I’ve made mistakes so many times. 
Now I don’t really care about ratings anymore it’s just a very tedious aspect of my game going down for a fun situation. And to run weird loading but if you want to get hot down you need to have this likeness of this type of play in your back pocket, now I just got fired. 
There’s a guy I’ve played against on the other side, he now knows exactly where I am and I expect him to push my position here. So I’m going to do what I like to call my grenade ground where I’m just going to drop him in front of where I expect him to appear and voila we get the kills now. 
Nothing special is going to happen here, but there are some things going on that I really want you to think one of them is I’m in the air corner which is pretty cool with the new aerial 2.0 update and it is awesome and it is a bot. 
Why my colleague showed me he kills a bot like that. There’s a bot in the last clip but you know we don’t really talk about it. The bot walked through the first time and there was a guy from where I had killed him. You take the info that a game file gives you and you turn it into a really devastating bit of intelligence. 
You can take to win a game that sounds like an exaggeration. Nothing special happened there but I want you to take a look at the bots hanging around. Okay I left the bot away. Why do I keep the bot running is because I am very suspicious. 
As I rolled next to the vehicle there was another person up there and the boot started shooting at someone who was lying on the grass. It has now jumped frantically out of its grass and left and we have had some clarity as to when it happened. 
An M24 was fired and killed the person on the hill opposite. The game showed me and there it was as if he had hit him, killed him anything. The game shows me that there is a guy here with an M24 and he will probably move towards the area where he just killed the guy to loot the box and then we understand that this is very important. 
This game gives you info for constantly stepping and abandoned vehicle boxes that aren’t at the respawn point you know. As you run through a building and nothing is left on that floor. Those kinds of things tell you about activities that led you to where people are now. 
It’s an area that is up for grabs and it’s in a very defensive position which is really good what I’m going to do here is actually forcing him to make a really big mistake, he’s not sure where everyone is, so I’m going to dump him and then I’m going to force him to go down. Then I’ll wait for him to come. Too aggressive a game is pushing into a third person situation where he can see me. 
Smart Gameplay PUBG’s is actually to force it into a situation where I can see him and he can’t see me. That’s what you do by running anything right now this is real gameplay. Difficult gameplay and I want to tell to you about what happened and Smart Gameplay PUBG Mobile.
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