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Rival Stars Horse – Best Horse Racing Games

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Hello gamers, now I will share the experience of playing racing games. Not using a car, but with a horse. Yes … it’s called Rival Stars Horse Racing. So many games in the play store and i found this Best Horse Racing Games based on the information must play games.

Rival Stars Horse - Best Horse Racing Games

Rival Stars Horse – Best Horse Racing Games

Rival Stars Horse Racing is based on mobile games and is offered by PIKPOK. It’s a mobile game development studio and publisher based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Here some information about this Best Horse Racing Games:

GameRival Stars Horse
Install5.000.000 +
Developer Pik Pok
Requires Android  6.0 and up

So, for those of you who are tired of racing cars and want to play something new, Rival Stars Racing is perfect for you.

Why do I recommend this game? Why Rival Stars Horse called Best Horse Racing Games? 

There is some things that make this game interesting are stories, graphics and gameplay.

You can find Rival Stars Horse Racing download in Playstore or download APK. In Storyline, you become a child of a phenomenal jockey. After retiring, your family faces financial difficulties so you are expected to be able to help your family’s finances by becoming a Jockey and winning every horse race.

3D graphics are very amazing, I enjoy playing on cellphone. I can’t write in more detail here, so you can see and give opinions after playing Rival Stars Horse Racing.

Ok, next about the Rival Stars gameplay. At the beginning of the game, you are given money to buy a horse. You can edit and give a name. Like other Android games, you are given a tutorial about features in this game.

You have to train your horse before racing. There are three stages of training: Speed, Sprint Energy, Acceleration. You need a fast and tough horse to level up your game.

Upgrade horse level using training facilities but you need some items to do that. You can skip upgrade times, but at certain levels you can use coins to skip upgrade time.

How to obtain free gold in Rival Stars Horse Racing?

I think you can watch ads from this game. It’s so bored but it still works to help upgrade your game, especially if you don’t want to spend money playing this game.

Tips Playing Rival Stars Horse Racing 

  • Choose the best horse before racing. You can see about horse level or skill attributes such as speed, acceleration and sprint energy.
  • Be careful during the race. Look at the top screen, release only the right bar. So you are not too late, too early. You need a perfect release to help win the race.
  • Don’t use your sprint continuously. Like nitrous in car racing games, you need the right time to do it. My recommedations under a distance of 200 meters.
  • You can see your rivals by clicking and holding behind the camera. It’s like a rear view mirror.
No cheat or hack in this game, I hope you enjoy playing Rival Stars Horse Racing, one of Best Horse Racing Games and be a phenomenal jockey like your family and defeat the others.
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