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Playing Call of Duty Mobile

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Hello…welcome back to Now I am trying to play Call of Duty Mobile as one of the best shooter games. You remember the PC version of Call of Duty? As you know COD release on mobile version and want to challenge other game like PUBG and Free Fire.  This game have amazing graphics. So, before i am explain about gameplay, here some information what about the call of duty mobile game.

Call of duty mobile is an action shooter game released on October 1, 2019 by Activision and Garena and has been downloaded more than 250 million in 2020. 

As one of the best shooter games, Call of duty mobile received BAFTA Games Award for EE Mobile Game of the Year and another award: The Game Award for Best Mobile Game.

Playing Call of Duty Mobile

Download Call Of Duty Mobile

You can play this game and you can download call of duty mobile on the Google Play Store and App Store or find Call Of Duty Mobile Apk on other sites. You need a large enough storage space when downloading COD.

Call Of Duty Mobile Installation

To install a call of duty mobile, you need:

1. Android 4.3 and up and iOS version needs to be on iOS 9 or a later version to run the game.

2. 1.1 Gb of storage space for Android and 1.5 Gb for the iOs version.

Here steps about how to install call of duty mobile on PC

1. Install an emulator like Bluestack, Gameloop or LD Player

2. Search for Google playstore in that application

3. Look for the call of duty mobile in the search menu

4. Install Call of duty mobile

In order to play stably, you should have a PC with a good graphics card quality and at least 8 Gb of RAM. The emulator features controller support and controller that you can use only official DUALSHOCK®4 PlayStation® 4 and official Xbox One controllers.

Call of duty Mobile Gameplay

If this is one of the best shooter games, how to shoot on call of duty mobile? Unlike PUBG, Call Of Duty Mobile uses Aim Down Sight (ADS). This feature helps you shoot enemies more easily. 

Like an action movies, shooting runs at a fast tempo and from the start of the game you have to run the tutorial mode to better understand playing this game.

Call of Duty Mobile game modes are Pratictice with AI, Frontliner, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search & Destroy and Zombies. At the beginning of the game you can only play in Fronliner mode. After your level increases, you can enjoy other game modes.

Frontline mode is a game mode with 5V5 battles and wins after reaching the specified points. Domination mode is a game mode where you fight for control of 1 place within a specified time. 

So you have to defend that place as long as you can. Serach & Destroy mode is a game mode by dividing 2 teams. The first team sets the bomb and the second team tries to thwart the bomb. This game mode is similar to Counter Strike.

Call of duty mobile has 6 classes that can be selected by players such as Clown, Scout, Medic, Ninja, Defender or Mechanic. Each class has their respective skills that can be used against enemies. 

I like the clown class because it can summon zombies and make the enemy unfocused when dealing directly with me in battle. That is my chance because it becomes easier to shoot when the enemy is running away from the zombies.

Many players like to play with the zombies mode. Here I will explain how to play zombies on call of duty mobile.

To play with zombies mode, you can select that mode at the beginning of the game. There are 3 modes, namely Normal Raid, Hardcore Raid and Survival. 

Each mode has a different difficulty level. For beginners, we recommend choosing Normal Raid mode. You can also invite your friends to play this mode.

Call of duty mobile has amazing graphics, even though I set it at the lowest level, the graphics of this game can still be enjoyed. 

I am a gamer who likes games with good graphics. So, that was my experience playing Call of duty mobile and I am not surprised why this game get The Game Award for Best Mobile Game.

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