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Omega legends Review

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Today we will try to review a new battle ground game, called Omega Legends. This game was made by the developer I got games or IGG. This Battle Royale game or this Battle ground is a combination with other Battle ground.

If I look here, Omega legends game is a mixture of fortnite game and free fire. Then there are rules of Survival like in Apex Legends. If we look at the appearance similar to fortnite like a cartoon character. In the Hero section, there are lots of things we can use and each have their own skills.

Omega legends Review

Those who have stickers are like Garena’s free fire. Free fire characters also have skills like that. In Omega Legends game, you can see that there are character skins and heroes like in CODM.

In the game the effect of descending from the plane is like a fortnite. From the background and the emoji are emoticons. In my opinion, it’s the same as free fire, there is notification and Battle pass.

Actually this game has been around for a long time, but this game can be played in some regional / country such as in Indonesia. Weapon skins in Omega legends do not add weapon attributes. Like pubg mobile, it’s just for beautifying the appearance.

The new mode in the game is Operation cover. This mode has never been me. Then there is the ground training mode. Before starting the game, you can use items that can be selected. So these starter items can help you to help win the game. After choosing one character, your friend cannot choose the same character. This game like Call Of Duty Mobile.

From the minimum requirements, Omega legends include light games, different from pubg mobile or fortnite. RAM needed is only 1 Ghz. But with 1 Ghz, the graphics quality is like HD.

If you look at the game, apart from the cartoon-like characters, you can experience all battle ground games like the all in one package here.

All battle ground game features are in Omega legends. The effect of descending from the plane is like a fortnite and can be changed by buying. Lots of unique features that must be purchased, it seems that this developer tends to make money.

You can upgrade weapons by buying them at the shop. You can get weapons in battle. There are several weapon tips from purple to orange. The best weapon grade is orange.

You can call the air plane to get drops like in free fire, like in pubg, you can also call drop items. To collect money, we can get it from looting or killing enemies.

In Omega legends there is no swimming mode because the river is not deep and if we walk while holding a weapon it becomes slow. Just like free fire, you have to let go of your weapon. gun or bomb so as not to slow down when running.

The fighting may have been morning or evening. At night, it is more difficult for you to find where your enemy is and it takes strategy and cooperation with your team to win rounds in Omega legends Mobile Game.

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