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Most Popular Adventure Android Games

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At this time , we will give you some information about Most Popular Adventure Android Games. There is so many games you can found on Internet but only some of them which can enjoy to play. So what most pupular adventure android game?
Here some of adventure games which very interest to play with yourself or with your friends:

  • The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead

Just like the previous game, the game which was also adapted from the TV series, returns in the mobile version with a story to survive. Now The Walking Dead is developed in a tense game on the Android mobile platform. Players will be carried away with the adventures of the characters to survive the zombie attack. This application has a point and click mode to review the movie The Walking Dead with a very thick telltale game. The high resolution of the offline 3D Android Adventure Game and natural voice actor effects also add to the realistic playing experience. A game experience that is tailored to the player’s decision to play each episode. But keep in mind that all the choices you make will change the whole storyline.

  • Adventure Town

Adventure Town

A war adventure Android Game that is one of the best offline games on the Play Store. Adventure Town is a new and challenging game from a mix of games to build and manage your own city, and fight to protect the city. Manage the city by building strategic places and to provide income to be able to beautify the city with the available upgrade features. Recruit as many heroes as possible to guard the city from monster attacks, and also explore areas filled with various creatures to complete missions. Simple gameplay and realistic 2D graphics make Adventure Town widely downloaded by Android platform users.

  • Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn

One of the most epic and legendary 3D Adventure Android Games from Heroes Reborn. Being one of the most downloaded games in the very near future, has made it able to survive at the top of the mobile adventure game. The story is set in medieval times, where players must be able to restore the peace of the kingdom by becoming knights. Various types of heroes with extraordinary strengths, can be chosen to fulfill important missions. Packed attractively with gameplay that offers exploration of mysterious spots, to collect new heroes in an exciting campaign.

  • Edge of Tomorrow Game

Edge of Tomorrow Game

Presenting a stunning vision with advanced features, making this game included in the fun Adventure Android Game category. Edge of Tomorrow is one of the best Android games made by Warner Bros, which has a very unique and challenging storyline. Namely, having the same storyline as the film Edge of Tomorrow which has become a box office film around the world. This adventure-themed game for Android will invite players to complete challenges, such as dealing directly with various monsters who want to conquer the earth. Excellent effects and very user-friendly, for a fantastic mobile game.

  • Monster Warlord

Monster Warlord

Monster Warlord is a game with an adventure theme that is perfect for gamers who like various types of unique and cool monsters. This special game for the Android platform offers a challenging sensation when fighting and collecting various monsters that have super powers. Many unique powers of each different monster, for example fire, water, air, and others. Thus, leading players to explore each chapter to find all these beautiful creatures. Download Monster Warlord right away and enjoy monster hunting in this amazing light adventure Android game, just from the palm of your finger.

  • Machinarium


The next game that is certainly familiar to those who like adventure games filled with puzzles. Machinarium is a unique game that will invite players to read body language, interpret cartoons, and look for patterns. Help a robot named Josef save his beloved Berta from the cruel Black Cap Brotherhood gang. An award winning indie game offline Android adventure game by Amanita Design, and more than millions of downloaders who played it. Wow, so amazing!

  • Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5

Here it is who is equally interesting, and of course many are already familiar with this one game. Modern Combat 5 is a popular game from 2015 to the present with millions of users. The sequel to the previous Modern Combat, is now being redeveloped with more modern and innovative features. Feel the dramatic intensity of the story and see both sides of the story from heroes and villains to dominate the battlefield with new clever tactics. An FPS game with multiplayer mode for lovers of action and exciting chaos of war.

  • Tiny Thief

Tiny Thief

Tiny Thief Game, an adventure game that offers a unique and funny game. Has a point and click basis gameplay, making it easier for users to follow the storyline created. Tells the story of a cunning and tricky little thief, to face frightening enemies, from pirates to giant robots. Sneak and steal the treasures of the great enemies and immediately find a way out of them. An addictive funny game for smartphone users. Download now the Tiny Thief apk adventure android game to become a little thief with a big adventure.

  • SoulCraft


SoulCraft is a game developed by MobileBits GmBH, with more than 5 million downloads from all over the world. The game that presents a very tense storyline with a variety of obstacles that are quite challenging. Carrying a 3D effect, making this one game even more perfect to play, especially since the characters are depicted with strong and unique characteristics, and the realistic effects are very superior to this game. An action RPG game that can be played without a data connection, as well as different ways to play in five modes, make SoulCraft indeed suitable for closing the list of adventure games this time.

All of them have their respective features and sophistication. Immediately choose one of your favorite adventure-themed games and enjoy exciting exploration today with the best Adventure Android Games we have made.

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