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Elgato Stream Deck 10GAA9901: Solution for multicam live stream video switches

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Now We’re talking about Elgato Stream Deck 10GAA9901 Review which multicam live stream video switches and ways to use them to level up your live streams and a review of this 1 right here the Elgato Stream Deck. 
Release a lot of content that will assist you get better results with your videos faster if you’re new here. If you’re using multiple video sources on your live streams and you wish to have the ability to switch between them live. 
So it may be multiple camera angles could be screen shares gaming streams you name it then you want just a tiny box similar to this one and it may make your life a great deal easier.
Elgato Stream Deck 10GAA9901

Why Using Elgato Stream Deck 10GAA9901

If you’ve been doing any multi camera live streams or live streams where you’ve needed to change between multiple video streams like screen shares video content chat windows or gaming streams you’ve probably noticed how frustrating it can be bringing up the ideal video at the ideal time live.
Fortunately though there are tools out there which may make your life a lot easier literally with the press of a button. We’re talking about video switches and they permit you to map all of your different video sources to buttons on a keypad.
With Elgato Stream Deck, you can easily switch between different cameras and video streams on the fly and they work across pretty much all of the significant streaming platforms like Facebook live YouTube live twitch and across the majority of the main streaming software platforms as well,
So why I cast OBS vmix you name it so we’re likely to run through how they work and a review of probably. My current favourite all-rounder the elgato stream deck that will assist you find out which is the ideal switcher for your streams.
Be sure that you let us know in the comments down below what your treasured live-streaming tool is we always get a great deal of awesome suggestions down this. Be certain you have a peek at what the remainder of the primal video community is using as well the elgato stream deck provides you 15 customizable buttons.
It works on both Mac and PC and it only connects to your computer using a USB to cable in the Box you get obviously the stream deck. You also receive a user manual and you also get an adjustable height stand as well but the main part here is those 15 programmable buttons or keys now.
Each one of those has an LCD screen so you can actually adjust and customize what each of the buttons looks like.
So it’s possible to use either a number of the built-in icons or you may upload your own image to use. As well taking a look at the build quality of the unit itself everything is actually large quality the buttons feel great to press.
Elgato Stream Deck so tactile and responsive considering that they’ve crammed 15 buttons on to such a little device the layout and the way they’ve done this the size and the positioning of the buttons.
Elgato Stream Deck really nailed it because it doesn’t feel like that there’s any possibility of you action gently hitting the wrong button here. The buttons are simply the correct size to easily hit only the button which you would like and not accidentally knock one of the other buttons.
Especially as you’re live now the software which accompanies it or the software that you used to control everything is completely amazing and it makes everything so simple.
You get direct integration for Game Capture for things like OBS for Twitter for twitch and it is simple to create your own customizations or hotkeys as well so to setup and configure the stream deck.
All you have to do is to download the software from the elgato website. Install it on your Mac or PC plug in the unit and you can begin customizing up the buttons straight away in the app. 
They’ve got built-in support straight from the box for a whole lot of the significant live streaming platforms and things like Twitter as well we can only drag and drop the preset on the macros directly onto the key that you want to assign it.
So it’s really really easy to setup. Now in the event that you’ve got two more control or you need to use this with apps that maybe aren’t supported 100% straight from the box things like why I cast then you can still use these.
You just prepare the keyboard shortcuts using the hotkeys section Wirecast is just one of the significant live streaming platforms that currently isn’t supported 100% from the box. 
But we’ve been able to set this up and get it working seamlessly just using the hotkeys so then you’re ready to receive all the exact same control that you would have over OBS that’s built-in on Wirecast as well.
So that you may switch your scenes. You may switch your camera angles. You can do a whole heap of stuff as you’re live literally with the press of a button. So what I love about the stream deck is how fast and easy it’s to set up and use.
You could literally plug this in and within five minutes. You’ll be able to begin customizing everything up and creating everything ready for your live streams.
I believe this software interface is awesome and that literally all you’re doing is dragging and dropping lots of the presets on to have them mapped to your buttons. 
But also the simple fact which it is possible to program your own macros or your own shortcut keys and map those 2 buttons as well really opens this up to not just live streaming in different platforms like wire cast like we mentioned.
But also for things like video editing or really anything else that you could do on your computer using shortcut keys you could map to buttons on this device and that’s actually really powerful.
I also really like that there is zero lag or zero delay between pressing a button and having that action happen which is really really important particularly.
If you’re live the biggest weakness with the stream deck in my opinion which really isn’t a weakness and kind of stretching here is.
It doesn’t have Wirecast presets built in and the ability to drag and drop with Wirecast like you can with OBS.
But it’s really not a deal-breaker as it’s so easier to set up and have the specific same functionality as you do with OBS with Wirecast as well. So it would be wonderful to have it out of the box and I’m sure at some point they’ll have that integration in their software as well.
It’s really not difficult to establish and it still works precisely the same you can currently pick up the stream deck on Amazon for just under the hundred and fifty dollar price. So at that price point it makes it by far the cheapest most powerful video switcher that’s around normally.
You’d be spending at least double or triple that on a professional switcher which really will provide you almost the exact same functionality as you’re live. So I think at that price of Elgato Stream Deck 10GAA9901, if you’re serious about your live streams and you would like the easiest methods to change between multiple streams, multiple camera angles or even to do things like automatically send out tweets once.
Something happens to truly get whole control on your live streams then there really is nothing else that compares to this. So now that you’ve got your live stream switches sorted use Elgato Stream Deck 10GAA9901. You could also find improvements in your live stream by making certain you’re using the ideal software for your stream.
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