Minecraft Earth Game

Minecraft Earth is an all-new augmented reality game for mobile devices. That brings the Minecraft world into our universe and it's launching soon, in beta. Let's take a look at the beta experience. It all starts with you.

Here's your character on the map. You can change your skin just like in regular Minecraft. You can see the outline of real-world houses and streets around you but set in a Minecraft environment. Walk around the neighbourhood and tap the icons to gather blocks and even mobs. The items are called tappables, and can be found all around you.

There are new mobs in Minecraft Earth to find and collect. Is this pig really a pig? Almost! It's a different mob variation - a muddy pig. Some mobs are rarer than others. Who knows what you'll come across?

And of course the chests are always shrouded in mystery. Anything you collect goes straight into your inventory. Every tableau gives you valuable experience points. After you tap enough tappables, you'll level up. As a bonus, you may also develop impressive cat-like tap reflexes.

Once you've gathered enough resources, it's time to build. Any flat surface is an opportunity to create. Use a build plate - a small section of the Minecraft world for you to build and play on. You can unlock more exciting plates as you level up. You can place blocks and mobs you've collected, or mine new blocks from the build plate.

This is a living, breathing, Minecraft world. Water flows the way you'd expect. Crops grow, oh, and fire spreads - fast. You play with friends you invite. Friends in your world can give you things by dropping them on your build plates, or, they can take things away. In other words, only invite your nicest friends.

Once you're happy with your creation, place it in the real world at life-size. But don't just admire it from a distance - go inside it. This is just the beginning, we can't wait to share more features soon. Sign up for your chance to play in the closed beta at minecraft earth game.

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