Mario Kart Tour in Game and Real Life

Today, I tell you more about Mario Kart Tour in game and real life. With Mario Kart Tour, the Japanese firm exports its know-how to other video horizons fun. Outside the consoles, Mario Kart, the iconic franchise of Nintendo is trying to mobile. Nintendo knows how to be desired and its last nugget drags to arrive on the blinds of our smartphones.

I created a level and if you have the game, do not hesitate to test it. Of course, I look forward to your return even if I know that some will not like level. So, that the impatient ones reassure themselves, Nintendo confirmed that its new jewelery: Mario Kart Tour would be well available this summer.

Mario Kart Tour in Game and Real Life

A priori, it's imminent so even though we still have no official release date to put in our mouths. Personally I start to find the time a bit too long, because the game was first scheduled for March 2019 but continues to be postponed.

The developers have preferred to take another semester to "improve the quality application and reinforce the additional content offer planned after launch. "

Let's hope that Big N keeps his word this time. In any case, I'm sure and some that a good surprise awaits us very soon on the blinds of our phones. We talked about his release date. As you may have understood, the latest Mario Kart is a smartphone game.

From its launch, it will land on Android and iOS and will be downloadable in the Play Store and the App Store. So we can play on mobile but versions of compatible operating systems have not been announced yet.

Worse still, for Huawei users, we still do not know if the game's release is planned on HongMen which is supposed to be Huawei's next operating system. It was originally intended for connected objects, but the lack of the license Android has pressured Huawei to overview his plans.

But hey, all that remains is theories for now. Aside from that, we still do not know if the game will be available on tablet but it this is possible.

On the site dedicated to Mario Kart Tour, there is not much information. For now, it's impossible to know if this one will bring more info.

Not surprisingly, get ready to find the four usual levels of difficulty (50cc, 100cc, 150cc and 200cc) in Mario Kart Tour. Small disappointment, at first glance, no mirror mode.

Fortunately, the list of characters is long. The classics Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad and Yoshi are obviously in the game, as more original pilots like Mario Metal or Bowser's henchmen Larry, Lemmy and Ludwig.

We can find the Mario Circuit 1 Super Nintendo edition, the Koopa Troopa. Beach of the Nintendo 64 or the Dino Dino Jungle of Double Dash.

There will also be many 3DS and Super NES circuits. What is on, the road promises to be pleasant and full of nostalgia. Gameplay side, Mario Kart Tour turns 60 FPS on most recent devices and he is not too greedy.

On the other hand, the different sources show a whole display in portrait mode. A priori, impossible to switch landscape and it's a shame so much it seems more natural for part of this game.

To steer your vehicle, no secret, your fingers will tell the driver where he should go. Same thing for objects activated by a simple touch of the screen. We can obviously skid around corners. Alternatively, it will be possible to use the gyroscope of his phone to move by tilting one side or the other.

Tokyo Mario Kart In Real Life

There are few places in the world that embrace pop culture and subculture quite like Japan and here in Tokyo, you can drive right into that culture and explore the city, not by foot, by bus, but by MariCAR. It's very important to get an international driver's permit from home as you'll be driving on the street to Tokyo.

All right, time to get suited up. Key on first, brake, ignition, gas. You make sure that everything is safe. All the cars are well maintained and the first five minutes, you may get a little bit nervous but you'll get used to it. And then after that, it's all fun and games.

So, our guide leads us through the streets. You stop at stoplights. You turn. You're going along with regular traffic. Don't feel scared out here 'cause you have our trusty guide to lead the way. Check out the views of Tokyo from the Rainbow Bridge.

Going over Rainbow Bridge and then looking out over Tokyo Bay, that was favorite part. That was definitely pretty fun. This tour is just so much more than just driving in a go-kart. You're also seeing the city. Iconic sites like the Tokyo Tower.

This is the famous Shibuya Crossing. So many people crossing in all directions.Because the go-karts are so low to the ground, you feel absolutely everything and just to see the sites from that angle is just amazing.

 As we're driving through the streets, it's amazing how excited people are to see us. Japan is known for being fun and quirky and MariCAR is exactly that. So, when you come to Tokyo, you have to take these best cars for a spin.

Play with smartphone or play in real life was so fun, so that all Everything we know about Mario Kart Tour Mobile Game So far. I hope you enjoy read this post.

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