Extraordinary Ones is one of 5V5 Moba Games

Extraordinary Ones, or rather known has Non Human Academy, is a Classic 5V5 Moba with a 3 Landed map with bushes and even Jungle.

Extraordinary Ones, on his Plot, is strongly similar to the anime Boku no Hero Academia, which is known too has My Hero Academia.

Apart from that, on  graphics, its use a really colorful and anime sketch style. The game also possesses 3 licensed characters from the anime Boku No Hero, and a character from Mob Psycho 100%.

It also has a Japanese version, on Play Store, the is published by X.D. Global Limited. So, this is basically the resume of the game.

Extraordinary Ones is one of 5V5 Moba Games
Extraordinary Ones

Recently an English fan page of the game posted a notice that Hero Entertainment got the rights of the game to publish in other region.

According to the fan page, the game will be available on Summer and the pre-register will start soon.

Days after the fan page answered a comment, saying that the game would be published by Hero, on Asian South East. And talked too that the game will have support to the English language.

Hero Entertainment is a Chinese Mobile Games company. On Play Store, the company has the name of Hero Game.

They are responsible for publishing games on the Occident like Crisis Action, Hopeless Land, Utopia Origin and other games. (All in English)

Someone tried to contact Hero Game, but didn't find any direct contacts of them. So maybe better spoke with them by the Utopia Support, since it is the newest game they published.

Ask  if they would launch the Moba, and if the game would have North American and South American servers.

The Utopia Support didn't answer questions, however, it suggested that kept up the new on the fan page of Extraordinary Ones and send me the link of the page.

So, if it isn't just a coincidence, they kind of gave indirect information that the game will have a nee server published by Hero.

So, if that information about the fan page confirms to be true, Hero will launch a game on Asian South East, with English support (Language).

And since Hero has a costume of Launching games on the Occident, like Utopia for example, maybe they launch an European, North American or South American server on Extraordinary Ones.

But however we know that Hero Games has the costume of launching they're games on Occident and maybe you  want that Hero Games herself to launch, not a company that even doesn't develop the game.

From the Point Of View, on 2019 we will have Extraordinary Ones here on the Occident.

Hero Games won't miss the possibility of earning lots of cash here on the Occident.

But unfortunately we have problem.

Hero Games published Onmyoji Arena here on the Occident, but the Extraordinary Ones game doesn't have many players because it has an Oriental theme, not appealing to much people.

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