Eternium game one of best offline game

Eternium has been launched in 2014 by Making Fun Inc. Eternium is known as one of the best Android offline RPG games with 10,000,000+ downloads. For this reason provides a review in 2019.

Is this game worth to play? Try to look at the following data:

Number installs 10,000,000+
Rating review 4.8
Reviewer's number 1,880,859 (data as of July 23th, 2019)
Eternium game
Eternium game

Based on data in the PlayStore, this game has an impressive rating, isn't it? There are many people who give 5 stars and positive comments.

Here are the reasons why Eternium become popular

- play offline without an internet connection
- Never Pay to Win
- Exciting storyline
- Superb graphics and sound are of good quality

Ok, Please continue reading what else makes this game impressive.

Eternium Story Game

Do you know Ragadam? He is the main enemy in this game. All criminals want to rule the world, right? Even though he has many troops, it won't happen if you become a hero in the world of eternium ... hahahha.

Improve your skills and equipment, be the hero who defeated Ragadam. For the Story game, I don't explain more so you are curious and playing with me.

Character Choice

Choose the character according to your wishes. There are 3 characters that you can choose like Mage, Bounty Hunter and Warrior.

Each character has certain weapons to fight the enemy. I prefer Mage because it has magical powers in the form of magic spells released through a magic wand.

Like other RPG games, there are always warrior characters. This character is identical with more power or defense. But I'm tired of using swords and shields ... hahaha ...

Each hero class has access to around 20 abilities (skills or spells), and each of your three friends has four more abilities.

What about the graphics of characters in this game? I gave a value of 7.5 on a scale of 10. Almost the same as a mobile legend but an RPG version.

Eternium Gameplay

You can explore dark caves and dungeons, forests, villages and graves. Find treasure chests to loot gold, gemstones or battle gear.

This game is reminiscent of the great classic Diablo and Torchlight. The game features are continuously developed to make it easier for players. You can attack easily.

I found the same thing with other RPG games. Usually equipment is divided into Common, Rare and Legendary.

Still need more information about Eternium game? here some additional information:

Eternium walkthrough

You can find Guides and Walkthroughs in game forum forums. I advise you to join makingfun forum.

This forum gives you guidance from the new beginning such as mage guides, bounty hunter guides, forum code, crafting, resource farming for new players.

Another source is Youtube videos. I found an Ethernet code and tips to get 100 Gems daily. This video from FendyBt2.

"To get the 100 gems daily, you need 5 heroes. Your hero has to be at least a level 9 hero to receive the daily quest.

First, you have to start the daily quest from all 5 of your heroes. After you have started all the daily quests, you can select which hero you want to play with. If you don't get the toad quest, then you can skip this part. You can complete the toad quest by playing Marcus Village map.

Since I got a random start point, there's no toads here anymore. So, I have to do extra run to complete the toad quest. Usually, it only takes 2 runs to complete the toad quest. But now, I'm going to do 3 runs just to be safe. I'm going to speed this up.

After you have reached here, you can abandon, or you can continue to complete the map. If you don't get the sister quest, you can skip this. You can do the Siege of Anderhelm map to complete the sister quest. I'm going to speed this up again. For all the other quests, you can do any trial to complete it. I'm going to do a lower trial to complete it faster. Now, let's collect our daily 100 Gems reward. "

Eternium download

Play this game with your device and thank you for reading this post.

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