The Best Lego Game Ever

Lego Games is a safe game for kids. It's fun and has a story like in a movie. Here is the best lego Game ever.

1. LEGO Jurassic World

LEGO Jurassic World

While Jurassic World the movie wasn’t much of a success, this LEGO version might actually bring justice to the name. It brings together the four movies of the Jurassic Park franchise to create a vast world of dinosaur-loving goodness.

It’s a nostalgia-ridden adventure with over 20 levels, five of which are based off of the films themselves. But, as LEGO games go, the gory deaths of the franchise are replaced with wacky situations to fit their child-friendly vibe.

But that doesn’t take away from the ferociousness of these Dinosaurs. Become one yourself, with 20 unlockable dinosaurs in the game’s collection of 100 playable characters. That includes the lovingly obscure that fans of the series will appreciate.

2. LEGO Movie Video Game

LEGO Movie Video Game

Everything is awesome in this video game rendition of the popular LEGO Movie. Turn your every man character into a hero, and fulfill the prophecy with a band of iconic allies.

Become a master builder and take your place in Cloud Cuckoo land. Building is a central part in this story, much more so than your usual LEGO game. Start from the bottom and conquer basic builds with handy instruction pages. 

Unlock powerful builders to create awesome from scratch. It's much shorter than other LEGO titles, but it assures action in every scene. Collect coins, destroy structures, gather blocks, and build like the LEGO Universe depends on it.

As fun as this movie tie-in is, it doesn’t veer too much from the film with the glaring lack of friendly pokes at the source material.

3. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

LEGO Movie Video Game

The bright and colorful LEGO world gets a gritty face lift to match the dark and eerie atmosphere of Batman’s Gotham City. Bask in the neon greens and reds of our cape crusader’s vast open world. Of course, the dark atmosphere of Gotham only serves to create a fine contrast to LEGO’s quirky humor.

There’s plenty of irreverent comedy to absorb, with appearances of notable friends and villains from the DC Universe. Watch Batman’s blossoming romance with Cat woman, and take back Robin’s wandering gaze as he fan boys over the Man of Steel. Plus, it also has a two player co-op mode so you can explore the world in split screen fashion.

4. LEGO The Lord of the Rings

LEGO The Lord of the Rings

Take your place in the fellowship of the ring and journey to Mordor in this brick-laden Middle Kingdom. Travelers Tales channels Tolkien’s attention to detail, resulting in a stunning replication that’s worthy of its name. 

Setting aside the block mini figures, the game is meticulously designed, with bricks seamlessly combined with the monumental landscapes of the trilogy. Even LEGO’s signature slapstick humor had to be toned down to make way for the sheer of the source material.

While it’s fun to go through the plot, you can also roam around the kingdom with two of your characters. It gives you a sense of continuity and adventure as you see the land unfold before your eyes. While it’s a feature that’s lost on the mobile versions, it was the PS Vita and the 3DS that took the brunt of all the criticisms due to dreary colors and indistinguishable

5. LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham

Coming back to their best-selling franchise, Beyond Gotham packs a lot of surprises. Explore the buried history of the brooding Batman as he shares the spotlight with DC’s greatest heroes and villains. It’s not as open as previous iterations, but it still offers massive worlds to rummage for sweet lego bricks. Visit several hubs like the Bat cave, Hall of Justice, and the many planets of the Lantern corps.

Prance around the Bat cave with a guided tour from Conan O’Brien. There’s plenty more celebrity cameos including Kevin Smith and Adam West basically playing himself in his role as a distressed TV personality.

Not only can you switch from the lightning fast Flash to the miniscule Atom in the tap of a button, you can also dress them in wacky yet functional outfits to fit every occasion--taking
stud collecting to a whole new level of hilarity.

6. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Marking their first venture into the Marvel Universe, your favorite Marvel heroes get plastic makeovers, complete with c-shaped grapplers and blocky torsos. Iron Man’s not gonna like it, but you might, as it gathers gods and mutants from around the multi verse to save Earth once again.

Where the LEGO Avengers lacked, this game happily filled in, with appearances from the fantastic quartet and the formidable mutants of the X-men saga. It even includes a standard cameo from THE Stan Lee himself. Go through a few quests and you’ll unlock him as a playable character with the combined powers of his creations. Kick alien ass in a LEGO New York, walk about in the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier, and solve puzzles in Deadpool-narrated side quests. It’s super fun!

7. LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens

Apart from all the LEGO games out there, LEGO Force Awakens really outshines most of the entries by giving you a whole new feel to the conventional LEGO formula. Fans of the Star Wars saga will be very delighted to know that this game goofily portrays the 7th movie of the franchise in typical LEGO charm. Dialogues from the movie were also recycled like most LEGO games do.

Perhaps it's fun addition is its cover system. Engage enemies by hiding beneath trenches and walls to avoid incoming attacks. It’s like playing Mass Effect meets LEGO. Exploring Jedi Temples, solving puzzles, battling out the First Order and collecting unlockables couldn’t be more exciting. Especially if it’s Star Wars. It’s the best LEGO Game so far, I hope you enjoyed play that games...

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