Overhit game review

Finally overhit release globally. Previously this game was Korean, Chinese and Japanese. Games that are released globally turned out to use the same server as the NA (Not America) version. Overhit games are auto battle and turn based, not open world. You can fill skills manually. You can bring five heroes into battle, and place each of them anywhere in the three-by-three box.

Overhit game review

Defeating the Boss in battle, you should use manual rather than using auto. Each Hero only has two parts Skill, the left is a skill for normal attacks, the right is the ultimate skill. Attack with the ultimate skill using great animation. This is what makes this game to be liked and has a cool character design. This game reminds me of Final Fantasy Game. Especially the graphics are awesome.

Overhit Battle

At the beginning of the game, you are given a random chance to get Gacha. Maybe you can get a hero, you should choose with a minimum SSR. Each Hero is related to another Hero. If you have activated the others, then your character gets stronger.

Overhit Gacha

This Game requires 2 GB of space, so make sure your memory is enough to play this game. If you are confused about playing this game, on the bottom left there is a guide button. Just follow the Guide and you get rewards.

There is a pause in this game. At first, this game is very easy to play, you can quickly get 100 Diamond to go directly to Gacha. Check the event menu there, there are lots of rewards waiting for you like, 7-day Login Check, Dungeon Event, Dungeon Gacha Event, Server cooperation, etc.

Released       : 2019
Offered by    : NEXON Company
Download     : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nexon.overhit.global

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