Cyber Hunter Gameplay

I will now review the new Cyber ​​Hunter game. There is a YouTube channel that I watch, from him I know about this game. So I think let me play it. I really like this game. So, I made a sharing about this. Let me know in your comments about this game and your experience if you play it.

Cyber Hunter Gameplay

Cyber Hunter

What do you think if this game can beat pubg mobile or not. Is this game at the pubg level or not or maybe in the future it will become a pubg mobile competitor. Let's see if this game is big or not.
At first I thought this game would suck but frankly it was a good game. I think it's like fortnite that I don't like at all. So I'm my personal choice, if you like fortnite then it's good for you.

But I don't like the fortnite game. But this adventure game is far better than fortnite and more like a pubg. I thought it was a mix of pubg and fortnite but more pubg than fortnite. First there is a training mode when you choose your player. You can learn most things about how this game works and what buttons are used.

Cyber Hunter Character

Cyber Hunter Character

Now it has new features namely manual fire and automatic fire. There is no automatic fire and either pubg or fortnite but this game does have that. As soon as you move your cross weapon to the enemy, the gun will automatically shoot at the enemy. So you don't need to press the fire button, the gun will shoot automatically. I think this is actually good for beginners. I think that if you really want to enjoy the game then you should still use manual fire instead of automatic fire. The next feature is you can climb the wall guys. So it's not just stairs but you can climb the wall too.

Cyber Hunter Character 2

Cyber Hunter Character 2

This gives you a big advantage, friend, you can even climb trees. You can go to a higher location and do sniping. But the best for camping I will say that. Now if you are in a very high location, you can glide too, you don't have to find a place to go down slowly.

Like in pubg, you have to find the right place to jump if you want to climb tall buildings quickly. But in this game you can slide and go down very fast, friend. You have to press the jump button twice and you can slide after that. So I think this is also a good feature, friend, I've actually played 2-3 matches until now.

I think this game is very good and I will play it more often now. At the beginning of the first match, they will tell you that you are matched with a bot so that is a good thing. This is good for some training matches, rather than dying instantly. But there will be real players too, so not all will become bots. There is a kind of large structure, actually a building. You can climb and you can find a drop there.

Apart from these there are also places where you will get air drops. But if you climb on this structure a drop will wait for you above. This location is great for sniping, if you want to do sniping then this is the place for you. And yes you will be matched with the bot at the beginning of the game so that it is a good thing that they tell you yourself. The aiming mechanism is also good in the game guys.

There are many interesting things in this game and you can enjoy this game if you will play it for the first time. I would say try it once, friend if you have enough data now. Or try later because many of us have 1-2 GB daily limit data. Depends on you, whether you want to play this game or not.
Like me, I would say try this game once, and tell me in the comments section what you think about this game. Also let me know in the comments that this game can replace the pubg in the future? Can this game rival the future pubg or maybe fortnite? I think Cyber Hunter is promising, friend.

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