MU ORIGIN 2 Review

Have you played this game? Every character in MU ORIGIN 2 has a special power, that is cool! So prepare your cellphone and power the character to fight the enemy now!


Wow great, characters have 3 types:

First ... Soldier's character, this soldier is stronger and longer lasting. this warrior to fight at close range of his enemies

Second, Mage. waahh I like mage, what is the reason why I like mage? Because mage has the biggest damage and is the most automatically added.

Third, Archers. This character is to attack from a distance but this arrow has the most critical damage ...

Ok, Next, why did I choose Mage? because I like blue. The target kills forty nine to speed up the level.

MU Origin 2 wants the players to feel the memories of playing beautifully with many people in this game. And it can be a matter of conversation about their youth about a fun and unforgettable experience when old.

Wow great, like where they want to make something more than just a community of gamer. We want to make something more than one community of gamer for our players. More important ... we will provide increased game play on MU Origin 2 and will hold many events for veteran MU players and newcomers.

So you could say MU Origin 2 is a 100% Real Time RPG that you can play with the number of other players in the game world.

So don't be surprised if you play this game later. mmmhh ... full of many other players like the real world. Especially in this game the players will not feel grinding again in a very long time in searching for material.

Basically this game is easy for newcomers on leveling and easy to play without a headache anymore.
Beware, don't forget about the inner time of treasure hunting here. As GameNow confirmed also on MU Origin 2, they re-created the definition of this game. So they can offer innovative game play on your mobile screen with 3D video graphics such as movie scenes and incredible battle experiences and of course without pauses.

The most important thing you can also trade or trade freely with other players. The PVP system will be more varied than usual. Your interactions in the real world can be exchanged with cyberspace.
Surely you will not get bored playing MU Origin 2 quickly, because your adventure experience will be well maintained by many interesting Quests.

You will also be able to meet a very strong boss like the King of Death! basically this game will be better and optimal for your mobile and also offers amazing cool images and content in it that are enhanced for the players by creating more heroes and tools for war.

This very good item from MU 2 has 4 types:

First ... a lot of dungeons that you can explore and classic PvE

Second ... Cross-server PvP and Battle

Third ... sell directly with a unique free trade system, automatically level up quickly and complete the costume collection.

Additional Information:

Developer       : Gamenow Technology
Website           :
Requires          : Android4.0.3 and up RAM 2GB or above
Content Rating: Rated for 12+
Size                  : 42M
Download        : Google play

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