The Best MMORPGs 2018 on android

At this time, I would like to share information about The Best MMORPGs 2018 on android on android that is highly recommended, particularly on the topics such as file size download, game graphics and features.

The device that I'm using is Samsung J7 16 GB, and there is still 4 GB left in its Internal Storage. So it's really low-end type and requires limited storage only.

1.War of Rings-Awaken Dragon kin
Release 2017; By Ujoy

I think file size download is small, only 95 mb and you can play this game with low-end device requirement.

With Low-end device, I enjoy playing this game and graphic to the maximum and it suits my character as well. It's not too small and even the battle of game has made me addicted.

Next ..about features.This game has everything you may need. You can find Autocombat, Guild, Mount, Pets and Wings.

2.Dynasty Legends
Release 2017; By Enjoy Game Inc.

3.Legacy of Discord - Furious wings
Release 2016; By GTArcade

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