Playing Battle Breakers Game

I bringing you a battle breakers game and you gain from epic games. let's listen to the theme song here battle breakers at the games released it with the help of chair entertainment and based in Seattle here where I'm living so this game is a free-to-play RPG.

I got a low RPG assignment in a way I would go into battle to show you how they worked. But first of all this is an overview map that you can know based on art direction and by statements about most of the worldwide trade directors. 

This game reminds me of what I can remember from the early 80's or late 80's cartoons. Reminds me of Thundercats and he-man, a kind of art channel for our shows. There are others but don't remember, so I don't really have much memory in the 80's. but I would say this game is a kind of love between 80's nostalgic cartoons. Casual tactical RPG and you will see what I mean.

When we jump into a forest of regretful decisions. Here we go because you can see 24900 for this battle. let me show you how to improve our jump. So you start 1-1 world sitting for first level 6 energy and then you reach level 4 to 12 then you get level 6 and then I will sit at 24.

I don't know how far it will increase level 8 how women dive for property. For the initial level of 36 and below 42 you only get 100 really getting 100 energy so it will burn fat. You can spend gems of course for energy. The future You can buy a card package that is in the Aikido health class so that we will talk about it after I show what we seem to be doing level 6.

So happy my friends are very strong but so this is my team. I have to fire pet users to walk around planting natural users. and three light users and I compensated too much for light users. I found that to be very strong, they could do great damage to the class mole.

If the basic damage is water defeats the fire. Light and dark also do good damage to other elements so I don't have excessive water elements with fire and light. Now I only use the strongest characters. I think I can bring friends to water users. I have managed to get suggested friends so here we go as well as your battle looks good.

I mean about mine Zuba. If you have ever played minesweeper it's like a game where you gotta tap the little mine and you try to do open up the board and place a flag or mine bar. This has that typo field here's the grit here's the beer the layout.

You got your users in the front line users in the back line good generally to have your main magic. Users the back line and your more heavy header people in sunlight. Like any other RPG you start off the turn by tapping what is crystals underneath this crystal all the left here with little jagged crystals.

This is an enemy usually under the glowing one on the right is usually a power up. So we're going to start with a power up and that's the key the key to getting out of this section of the forest find the key early .

It will show you the exit now to exit the level. You have on the crystals make your way to the eggs under each crystal to do they're nothing like gold and you usually get something a little bit of gold. A shredder traffic on here or an enemy and if you want, you can contour the whole board try and get everything or you can rush to the exit.

Like I'm doing here hit the exit and you trance your balls of energy and back down on the next board rinse and repeat. You never know what's gonna be under you don't necessarily know what the new hunger and it is so underneath. This piece it has three connected you know it's going to be a bad guy plus fighting.

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