Best Cars in CSR2 Game

Welcome back to Now we try to play Racing 2 and today I will show you all about the Best Cars in CSR2. There are all 5 levels so lean leisurely. And let's check starting with:

Tier 1

Best Cars in CSR2 Game

1. Abarth 500

 You can buy cash and the Abarth 500 is very low and heavy. So I saw them coming and taking several times. But a really good trip is:

Cars in CSR2 Game

2. Veloster Turbo R

I won with 5000 grips. You certainly have good profits with this one, but you need to spend 150 gold coins but 150 gold coins are not too difficult to get with a cup of challenge here and there. Maybe you want to buy something I don't know but you can win this.

After all, the Abarth 500 is there for free until you see that you can buy for free for $ 28,500 in cash. It's not too hard to get and it's light. The rest you can work.

Tier 2

Let's go to level 2 and there we start with one beautiful car.

Best Cars in CSR2

1. BMW M235i Coupe

The car that you can get is also in cash or with gold and it's very light. This car has a high power level comparing with other level 2 cars. I would definitely recommend you to work and increase your target so you get less grip so you can compete better.

2. F-150 SVT Raptor

See that the highest power level is at level 2. The highest grip level is also clearly the highest weight level but this is the only thing you need to work. You can only get this car rare.

Tier 3

1. RS 5 Coupe

This car is good and the car you have to get if you don't want to invest in gold.

2. 2017 GT-R(R35)

Unlike the GTR concept, this is different from the two GTRs we are looking for because it looks on the handle. And now look at the premium GTR R35.
You can really buy because the others you can't. Why do you have to do it. Look at the amazing right look at this grip level.

Tier 4

1. 2015 GT-R (R35) premium

On the other hand I like this car. My dream car and I like it. You can get and you have to work.

2. Viper ACR

Low power shift times are low and as a bonus, this one actually gets 23 fusion slots so you can bring things to the fullest and it's truly amazing.

3. Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

From Tier 4 it's the only SUV and there now how well we have euro now. I started and is in the game right now.

Tier 5

Bugatti Chiron

The Bugatti chiron is one of those no-brainers also being a remarkable grip is 15,000 points, a 1500 grid power, 325 shift times and 4400 weight. Of course the launch car is great but I mean it's good. Obviously bugatti will take one of the top places on the list.

One Bugatti is one of the cars that must be in your collection if you want to compete in Best Cars in CSR2 Game, you need this car. Here my video..don't forget to subcribe my channel.

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