Best apps for kids

Today I will provide information for you about the best applications for children. As parents, you need to control the applications you use from the play store. Some games may contain violence, this can be a bad influence on your child. The following are recommended applications:

1. YouTube Kids

The Youtube application is very popular for everyone from children to adults. There are lots of videos shared. From videos about knowledge, films, tutorial hobbies etc. With the YouTube Kids app, parents don't need to worry, they can control the videos they watch for children. The results of the video search will be adjusted for age.

This is to avoid adult content or violent content. You can do that in the application settings menu. In addition, there is a timer setting in this application to limit watching time.

2. Masha and the Bear: Adventure

This game is inspired by cartoons about cute little girls, and friends with bears. I try this game in the NOX application. NOX application is an android emulator on PC. You can play games without memory cellphone limitations. Marsha drives a hot air balloon and passes obstacles by going up and down. There is a control button on the right to move the blimp.

Take as many bubbles as possible to get points. The more you get, the greater the score of the game. This simple game is very fun, with good music and graphics to make children more happy to play it.

3. LEGO Juniors Create & Cruise

This game is to increase your child's creativity and aims to assemble things into something, such as buildings, tools etc. In Part 1, the game starts with driving a car on the road and collecting gold points. Point-point gold is collected and useful for the stage next. It opens the stage for assembling tools, cars, or buildings. With Sound and fun music, this game is very fun.

4. Tayo's Garage Game

Same with the story of Marsha and the Bear, Tayo's Garage Game is inspired by the cartoon series. There is no bad influence for children because this game is educational.

Before entering the main menu in the game, you watch and listening Tayo songs like the Tayo cartoon series on television. In this game there are practice modes as exercises to use game features.

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