Best action game for android

For those of you who like challenges and are looking for the best action games, check out the best action games for android here.

1. Cover Fire: shooting games

Cover Fire: shooting games

Score : 4.7
Download : 1,129,447 
Genre : Action
Developer : Genera Games

Today I will introduce a game called Cover Fire. If you like FPS, this game is for you. In this game, you have to hide then shoot the enemy. Try not to lose too much blood. The design is nice and smooth. BGM is an anesthetic too.

After each match, you are given several types of cards. You can open all cards if you can complete the task given. My mission this time is to protect the man. I will turn into a sniper. I can't shoot anyone, hahahaha...

Each match ends with a cool slow motion like the Hollywood scene. It seems you live in a movie. I opened a new character. Usually, after a number of matches, you can open something new like new characters, new weapons, new items and so on.

The next character is also a sniper. He shot from a helicopter. It took a long time to reload. But he doesn't have to be too accurate.

I open the chest now. This box is for you to open. You have 1 free chest every day. You have to buy if you want to open more chests. Let's see if there are interesting skills.

2. Dragon Ball Legends

dragon ball legends

Score : 4.6
Download : 519,753
Genre : Action
Developer : BANDAI NAMCO 

welcome to this Dragon Ball legend, a new hero collector game brought to you by Bandai. Of course starring your favorite Dragon Ball character. You can collect heroes and in this game, Dragon Ball games are second to none.

Some of the most iconic characters in anime history, so if you're looking for cool characters to collect and look far away because Dragon Ball has it.

The game is clearly more to come now what you will do with these characters. When you really get into the game well, there are three different modes or stories.
There are events and then there is PvP. That's what I will do. Come forward and fight here with my hero so that I can show you what the Battle is like here on Dragon Ball Legend. So we will enter here as much as possible

You are the core of the legend of Dragon Ball. This is what I recommend when you jump into the game. The fight will not be felt, like I did not click directly. Like I don't think about it. Very pleasant or interesting. I think it's very basic. But the more I played and the more I really did PvP I began to realize that the battle was actually pretty good.

I think it's quite attractive. The storyline that has many different chapters in it. Chapters have different requirements. Adventure mode similar to World of Warcraft if you have ever played that game.


PUBG MOBILE gameplay android

Score : 4.5
Download : 12,340,651
Genre : Action
Developer : Tencent Games

These are tips & tricks to kill more. Here I am, I will play Solo on First Person Perspective. The map chosen here is the best for close combat. This will help you improve your reflexes. So now you will be on an island where you will see all the players.

Now the main task is to find out how many players are real and who is the bot. 

You have to decide where to land because it leads to 2 situations. You can land somewhere where looting is not large or in a place like that, where many players land to kill more.

Now is the time where you finally decide where to jump. Here I have put my pointer in a place where you can expect more players to land to kill more.

When the plane approaches your location, jump about 200 meters from the marker. This will make it possible to dive and land faster than others and secure your position. 

This is the main point here. once the parachute spreads. don't just leave the joystick. push forward to maintain speed.

Remember, always get a higher position than your opponent. Here, whatever type of shotgun you get, remember that you need a weapon to shoot your opponent. Bring some explosives that can help you to make diversions in fights and kill enemies.

After you succeed, you can find players who are looking for resources. It's easy to find players from above. Always keep moving because other players can aim and drop you. Keep activating the automatic pickup feature so that when you are on the road you can pick up the items you need.

4. Garena Free Fire

garena free fire gameplay android

Score : 4.5
Download : 17,546,119
Genre : Action

Free Fire Battleground is a third person shooter game. The game play is similar to PUBG Game.
So we will be placed on an island with 30 other players in solo mode and 15 other teams in group mode. 

We can make a team with 1 friend and kill another team. To win this game, we have to kill everyone on this island, or at least we survive until the end of the match. Until we become number 1 or last person.

You can log in using Facebook or as a guest. I choose Facebook because it's easy and will make it easier to play with our friends.

This is a home screen, there are events, patches, daily prizes. If we log in every day, we will get a different prize.

On the home screen we will see a simple interface like this. We can choose to play group or play solo. There are shops, safes, loading, in stores, we can buy goods using coins or diamonds. There are 2 boxes. maybe they will add more later.

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