Supremacy 1914 The Great War Strategy Android Game

Supremacy 1914 The Great War Strategy Android Game is a game inspired by World War I. This strategy game can be played on a PC. Bytro Labs will release a mobile version in the play store and is currently still Pre-register. Same with other strategy games, you are chosen to be one of the rulers to fight and defeat your enemies. As a ruler, you can expand your territory in Europe. This is not easy because you need a strategy in Supremacy 1914. So i think this is one of best android game to play.

Starting in 1914, aircraft, tanks and combat equipment were similar at that time. Every part of the country has provinces with different resources. The war costs a lot, the condition is the same as what happened in the game Supremacy 1914. You need a lot of sources of raw materials to finance the country and expand the territory. The resources consist of food , building materials and sufficient energy to carry out the mission.

Supremacy 1914 Android Games
Supremacy 1914 Android Games- Picture from play store

Same with World War I, your troops in Supremacy 1914 Android Games need a sufficient supply of resources so that morals don't falter. It is important for you to build various facilities in the war. You should build barracks, fortifications, ports, trains etc. More raw material supply by land area with train. As raw material, more coal is needed. Conquer the territory that has the resources. Your time is limited to using resources, you need good planning to choose the top priority. There is a market in the Supremacy 1914 Android Games. If you run out of raw materials, you can buy on the market or conquer other territories.

To defeat many enemies, you can ask for help with the alliance. Find your friends and alliances to fight together and conquer territories in Europe. Don't ignore diplomacy from other players, because diplomacy can be a mutually beneficial alliance.

Supremacy 1914 Android Games are released for free, but to increase your capabilities and resources, you can make purchase gold. Usually called a VIP member. Supremacy 1914 can be played offline on a PC, but for the Supremacy 1914 The Great War Strategy, you can play through your browser or mobile device.

Registered accounts can be played on your browser and mobile device. Be the ruler in the Supremacy 1914 Android Game, prove you have a great strategy to defeat the enemy. Conquer territories in Europe with your abilities.

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