Skylanders Ring of Heroes review

A few days ago I found one of the games in the play store called Skylanders Ring of Heroes. This game category is Role Playing and from the sources that I read, this game shows a story where players act as Portal Masters. 

Your first task when landing at Skylands is to chase enemies that have disrupted space and time using the Book of Dark Magic. So much criminals faced, so players can adjust their Master Portal to collect and lift Skylander. As it evolves, players will be able to Evolve. Each level of the game requires more strength and new skills. Like a game with elements of strength. Skylanders are separated into 10 elements. With these 10 elements, the Skylanders Ring of Heroes game is interesting to play. You need a strategy to fight enemies, through elemental synergy, weakness and elemental strength, and unique Skylanders skills. 

Skylanders Ring of Heroes

RPG games usually use a pet system. In the Skylanders Rings of Heroes game, players can trap the Companion Villains. Like a pet system, players can take them together to fight against enemies.The characters that players can use are Spyro, Stealth Elf, and many more Skylanders.

To add strength, you must complete up to 10 magical rune abilities. So in my opinion, this game right to play. The key is to build the strongest team to defeat your enemy.

Increase your ability to build the best team. So, you are easier to gather more than 60+ Skylanders. The higher the level of the game, the better skill, strength and strategy is needed. To add strength to the character menu, you can increase Stats, Skills, Power-ups, Envolve, Awakens, and Runes. See the picture below.

Attributes Skylanders Character

I like the quality of the graphics, reminds me that I have played Torch on a PC. For now in the Play Store it is still Pre-register.

It's different with the action game, you need to choose the right strategy and use your attack time. Use wisely to win. Each element has different status effects. So, you can choose the right one to destroy the enemy.

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