7 Best Arcade Games For Android

A Long time ago, The most popular games was arcade game. This kind of game already exists before the RPG, Action games and Adventure games. There are 7 best arcade games for android for you. This game is chosen based on the number of downloads and ratings from gamers review.

1. Sonic Dash

Sonic reminds me of endless runners to defeat the enemy. In this game, you play sonic as an endless runner and avoid many obstacles and enemies. Sonic continues to run and collect secret rings to increase abilities and raise levels. You can be the fastest and compete with other players.

For those of you who like to choose games with good graphics, Sonic Dash has undoubted 3D graphics. Players can collect rings across levels or buy in stores.

2. Angry Birds Classic

The next Best Arcade Games for Android is Angry Bird Classic. A simple but very fun game. Game about birds having a mission to defeat a group of hungry pigs. Players attack enemy pigs using catapults and destroy blocks as pig defenses. The walls must be destroyed so that players can reach the hiding pigs.

Angry birds are identical to red, but there are several types of birds used in the game. Each bird has different colors, shapes and abilities to defeat enemy pigs. This game is more exciting because pigs also have different sizes and abilities. Not all pigs can be defeated easily. Larger pigs are stronger to resist bird attacks.

3. Zombie Tsunami

Horror stories are usually scary, but there are fun horror games that make you not tired of spending time. The game is a Zombie Tsunami. Ranked third as Best Arcade Games, Zombie Tsunami offers good graphics, special effects, and good playback.

Your mission is to chase city residents and make them zombies. Mmmmh ... exciting, isn't it? The more massacres, the more powerful your zombies are by getting bonuses in the game.
Like horror films, characters and scenes are adjusted. This is what can make you not bored. This game is popular because it has good graphics and scenes.

On the streets you will find many citizens, chase and make them zombies like you. Make them a bunch of zombies to help you. Make more so you can turn around cars, buses, airplanes etc. The game does not end if there is still one zombie left. Zombie Tsunami is a game without the need to spend money. You can get lots of gold coins by completing missions, from lottery tickets or playing many times. But a quick way is to buy at the store. That's up to you.

4. Jetpack Joyride

This game tests your ability to avoid obstacles and dangers on the trip. By using a jetpack, you can travel as far as possible. You must avoid danger, because if you fail, it will result in instant death.

There are three missions in this game. The mission is to run past a number of scientists, fly close to a number of certain zappers and avoid coins for a certain distance. Each mission has different difficulties and you get stars if the mission is successful. Stars are used to increase the player's experience level and new missions appear.

5. Subway Surfers

Ever been chased by the police? Subway Surfers is an escape game from police chases because you apply graffiti to the metro train site. Unlike Sonic games, you run not to defeat the enemy but run away because of being chased by the police and the dog.

You run without stopping, avoiding every obstacle and avoiding a collision with the train. When jumping, you can collect gold coins. Be careful, the game ends if you fail to cross the obstacles and have an accident.

6. Hungry Shark Evolution

Offered By Ubisoft Entertainment and downloaded more than 6 million. This game is about blood-thirsty sharks and always hungry.

At the beginning of the game, you become a small shark that eats everything around it to survive. There are some sharks in this game, such as Hammerhead, Tiger Shark, Mako Shark and white shark.

Your mission is to become the biggest shark and can evolve to eat lots of fish and humans.

The graphics in this game are very good, this makes you have to play this game.

7. Temple Run 2

Finally, Best Arcade Games for Android is Temple Run 2. Just like the previous game, this is also a runaway game. The game runs nonstop from the monkey chase. For graphics, this game has good graphics and makes you spend time.

In the game you run without stopping and passing through forests, wooden bridges and caves. Temple Run 2 has 4 unique characters and 9 skills that you can upgrade by paying coins. To increase the level, you must complete the objectives.

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